Whether creating colorful designs and polymers with expertly crafted compounds or using state-of-the-art additives to extend product durability — we find the precise chemical needs of any application.  Through technical support and innovative problem solving, our engineers and materials designers can tailor the exact color, appearance, haptics, and functional enhancements that our customers desire.

At our headquarters in Clinton, Tennessee, we create materials that allow brands to offer unparalleled quality and design at three state-of-the-art labs dedicated to analysis, development, and applications.  At these labs, we inspect materials for quality control and validation, create tailor-made solutions, and replicate customer processes.

We also operate five additional facilities across the United States and Mexico, where we’ve made substantial economic and developmental impacts to maintain our value of corporate citizenship.  Our legacy is not just in the durability of our products but also in the sustained success of the companies and communities we serve.