Blown & Cast Film

Advanced Materials Design for Blown and Cast Film

From mono-layer plastics for trash bags to more complex multi-layer, co-extrusion packaging applications, we develop innovative materials for both blown and cast film processes that meet tight specifications and help brands exceed customer expectations.

Our additives for plastic film products solve both the most common and most difficult industry challenges our customers face. Clarifiers and antifogs provide transparency, while antiblocks, slip additives, and release agents reduce product stickiness, facilitating better openability and functionality. Our high-tech antimicrobial additives protect materials, and industry-leading color-match technology ensures the perfect color every time.

Experts in Blown and Cast Film Techniques

Our materials’ high machinability reduces friction and allows for efficient flow across packaging equipment — saving valuable production time with breakthroughs in friction-reduction material. Techmer PM’s industry experience and expertise in finding the right balance of additives helps ensure materials for blown film won’t change color or odor from polymer degradation and are safe for consumers.

Through close collaboration with brands, we work to make products higher-quality, more sustainable, and more effective. These advanced materials include mono-material structures designed with permanent slip additives formulated to never migrate or interfere with different elements of your product.

Additives and Solutions for Blown Film and Cast Film

Our unique additives provide additional performance and protection to take our materials for film extrusion applications to the next level. These include:

  • Antiblocks
  • Antifogs
  • Antimicrobials
  • Controlled migration slips and non-migratory permanent slips
  • Release agents

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