Techmer PM Automotive Solutions

Techmer PM is a major supplier of color and additives to the automotive plastics and fiber industries, with a strong emphasis on the automotive interior trim industry. Our expertise in every aspect of automotive plastics and textile applications is supported by a dedicated automotive research and development center capable of supplying finished prototype and concept samples to the entire automotive supply chain. We specialize in the design and engineering of ultra-high-performance pigment and stabilization systems that meet or exceed accelerated and solar test requirements in multiple polymer systems (PP, PET, PA). These proprietary product systems are available as integrated custom color packages, or as single pigment dispersions and additive packages.

We are an approved supplier to both domestic and overseas automakers, have direct access to OEM appearance engineering organizations, and are a well-established supplier to the automotive supply chain. Our automotive product systems are available worldwide through the Techmer PM Global Alliance.

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