BCF & Staple Fiber

Techmer PM Bulked Continuous Filament, Continuous Filament, and Staple Fiber Solutions

Our products are specifically designed for marine carpet, artificial grass, shade cloths, and automotive. We also customize new solutions for industries that have stringent ultra-violet, flame retardant, antistatic, and/or other special requirements. At Techmer PM, we start with the highest quality pigments and manufacture them through our proprietary dispersion process. We offer a complete line of single pigment dispersions for polypropylene, nylon, and polyester fiber. Our advances are carried out in three complete fiber custom color-matching laboratories. Color matches in all polymers are accomplished in a wide range of deniers, cross sections, and applications.
Techmer PM also has special laboratory equipment for applications such as bulked continuous filament, staple fiber, fine denier continuous filament, and nonwoven fabrics. From heavy monofilament, carpet and rug, down to finer apparel and upholstery deniers, Techmer PM continues to be ahead of the curve, bringing innovative ideas and products to all segments of the fiber market.

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