Techmer PM Solutions Address Customer Needs

Techmer PM provides solutions for industries ranging from agricultural to personal care, and processes as diverse as blow molding and nonwovens. Below is a sample of the industries and processes for which we provide solutions.

Techmer PM Core Competencies

In order to deliver enduring value for our customers, we maintain a narrow focus on specific key areas.

  • Problem-Solving-Driven Product Development
  • Formulation Methodology
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Speed to Market
  • Product Uniformity

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Branch Technology’s Cellular Fabrication 3D Printing Process Used in 2 Novel Projects

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Techmer PM Develops PLA-Based, Bamboo-Reinforced Materials for Challenging Applications, Including 3-D Printing

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Visit Techmer PM at ACCE 2018 (Booth #406)

Come visit Techmer PM at Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) 2018 and connect with members of our sales and technical teams to learn how we can design materials for your most challenging applications.

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