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Techmer PM Branded Product Suite: Techflow, Techsurf®, Techsplatter, and Techsperse®

Our suite of branded products, Techflow, Techsurf®, Techsplatter, and Techsperse®, are based on Techmer PM’s advanced technologies. These four additives each come with their own unique built-in benefits to address a range of manufacturing needs. For example, Techflow aims to reduce surface imperfections in consumer applications, while Techsurf® can increase absorption capacity in fabrics and fibers. Techsplatter improves product appearance through special color effects, and Techsperse® aids in increasing die life. Read in-depth descriptions of how each product can help you below.


Our Techflow additive reduces or eliminates flow lines associated with poor die surface in blow molding applications. Techflow is FDA approved for food contact, and can be used for a variety of consumer packaging needs, in addition to industrial purposes. The additive also enhances processing, improves surface quality, and decreases surface imperfections at an addition rate of 1-2%.


Our Techsurf® melt additives impart hydrophilicity to polyolefin fibers, nonwoven fabrics, and specialty plastic applications. It can be used by manufacturers that make everything from diapers and wipes to medical tubing. These melt additives help to reduce surface resistance of the finished fabric, increase absorption capacity, as well as improve softness.


Our Techsplatter color additives provide a unique marble and swirl look to several polyolefin applications for manufacturers seeking to strike an aesthetic cord with end consumers. The colorants can be injection molded or extruded into profiles and sheets. The Techsplatter line consists of seven standard colors, in addition to custom varieties.


Our Techsperse® additive is a custom color masterbatch for meltblown nonwovens. It specifically helps manufacturers who face challenges when producing meltblown fabrics, as well as those who want to improve yield rates or die life. Through Techsperse®, our proprietary dispersion process breaks up pigment agglomerates to help avoid fiber breaks and contribute to longer die life.

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