Custom Colors

Techmer PM Custom Color Masterbatch Capabilities

Techmer PM’s leading color capabilities enable our colorists to match to any color exhibit, including paper, fabric, and almost any other sample type. We also create brand new colors, taking a responsive problem-solving approach when customers are seeking a different shade because they want to deliver a specific feeling or outcome for their product.

Our expertise comes from producing thousands of custom color masterbatches every year, servicing the wide range of polymers, applications and industries in the plastics space. We can design to any hue and color, as well as formulate to meet our customers’ diverse manufacturing needs. That includes aesthetic requirements or Food & Drug Administration guidelines for food contact.

In addition to colors, we offer a variety of special effect masterbatches.

  • TechSplatter – color additives that provide marble and swirl effects
  • Thermo chromatics
  • Photo chromatics
  • Pearlescents
  • Fluorescents
  • Phosphorescents

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create Custom Color Solutions for Your Specific Needs

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