Sheet Extrusion

Techmer PM Sheet Extrusion Solutions

Techmer PM provides custom-formulated products for the sheet extrusion/thermoforming marketplace. We specialize in color and additive concentrates for polymer systems including: polyolefins, styrenics, thermoplastic polyolefins, and selected engineering polymers. We can help you formulate products for both multi-layer and single-layer extrusions, and design solutions that take into account critical specifications associated with food, medical, and industrial applications. We can help you design a product in several key areas:

  • Flame retardants–halogenated and non-halogenated;
  • Thermal and ultraviolet light stabilization;
  • Surface modification–antifogging, slip, antiblocking,release, and antistatic;
  • Chemical foaming agents–endothermic and exothermic.

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Process-Specific Needs

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