Techmer PM Agriculture Solutions

Techmer PM supplies color and additive masterbatches to the agricultural plastics markets for injection and blow molding, profile and sheet extrusion, nonwovens, and blown film. This is important in an industry where parts are often expected to perform over a long field life under harsh climate conditions. One key to our success in the agricultural market is the stabilization of the film, fabric, or any other part that will be exposed to ultraviolet light, weather, and chemical treatments.

Some markets, such as the drip irrigation market have end-use products such as wastewater, industrial and home-garden tubing that require Techmer PM’s color, additive, or in many cases, combination products.

We also are a world leader in the formulation and production of specialty masterbatch for mulch film. Meanwhile, we formulate a complete masterbatch package for the large films markets, including silage bags, bunker covers, or greenhouse films. We remain close to the market and continually improve our products to meet the needs of the ultra-thin-gauge applications in silage stretch films.

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