Techmer PM Core Competencies


Problem-Solving Driven Product Development

We are customer-driven and solutions-focused, designing precise color and additive compounds to tailor materials to brands’ needs. Across a diverse team of field sales engineers, technical service personnel, and customer service representatives, we collaborate with customers to develop comprehensive solutions. This interconnection provides results that not only meet industry or regulatory requirements but also feature enhanced sustainability and protective qualities that ensure these products endure.

Supply Chain Collaboration

With a keen awareness of the intricacies of the global economy, we help our customers navigate complex legislative and competitive circumstances to deliver value-conscious and timely results for their design needs. In our end-to-end approach to materials design support, we define performance criteria, establish measurement systems, and standardize a manufacturing process to deliver exactly what’s needed.

Formulation Methodology

Our proprietary formulation methodology is an amalgamation of industry-tested practices infused with our top-tier knowledge of polymer synthesis. This methodology incorporates multi-component systems and a carrier resin selection framework to ensure we provide a one-of-a-kind final product.

Speed to Market

Across our six manufacturing locations in the United States and Mexico, we work closely with brand partners to develop materials at the speed of the economy, ensuring they are in lockstep, if not pushing ahead, of their competition. These partnerships help us fully appreciate industry needs to deliver an outcome that is worthy of their brand and that outpaces their sector.

Product Uniformity

The quality management system used across our plants is ISO 9001-certified, reflecting our focus on an approach rooted in consistency and quality and our commitment to getting things right the first time. This system allows us to deliver the consistent quality our customers expect.