Advanced Additives

Design for Outcome

At Techmer PM, we approach each customer and project by identifying its key requirements and developing additive technology solutions that address those needs in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Through expert masterbatch formulation, we help enhance the performance, safety, and longevity of polymers. 

We take a consultative approach with brands to formulate each additive solution. Direct collaboration results in precise form and functionality in the end-product while strictly following regulatory and production requirements.

Advanced Processes for Performance Additives

Our advanced additives provide materials with protective and process-enabling properties. These solutions improve product performance, preserve polymers against their environments, and enhance manufacturing for fast, reliable production.

Our regulatory department works with customers to identify new and evolving compliance requirements and ensure our polymer additive chemistries adhere to the proper levels, use, and end-of-life disposability, protecting your products, your consumers, and the environment.

An Expansive Additive Roster

Our advanced polymer additive offerings include:

Polymer stabilizers

    • Antioxidants
    • Heat Management Additives
    • Heat Stabilizers
    • IR Absorbers 
    • IR Reflectors
    • UV Absorbers
    • UV Blockers
    • UV Stabilizers

Flame retardants

      • Halogenated Flame Retardants
      • Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants

Surface energy modifications

    • Antiblocks
    • Antifog / Anticondensation
    • Antistatic (Migratory and permanent)
    • Conductive Products
    • Dust Reduction
    • High Clarity Antiblocks
    • Hydrophilic
    • Hydrophobics
    • Permanent Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Permanent Slips
    • Slips
    • Softeners
    • Surface Modifiers
    • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)
    • Wetting Agents

Process Enablers

    • Antiblocks
    • IV Builder
    • Purge compounds (Shutdown and Color Change)
    • High Clarity Antiblocks
    • Laser Welding
    • Mold Release products
    • Permanent Slips
    • Slips
    • Chill Roll Release
    • Cling Enhancer
    • Techflow
    • Nucleating Additives
    • Adhesion Promoters
    • Viscosity Enhancers
    • Process Aids


    • Impact Modifiers
    • Rodent Repellent
    • Highly Loaded Moly Disulfide
    • Odor Absorbers/Blockers
    • Antimicrobial
    • Solving Processing Problems
    • New Product Development
    • Tracers / Brand Protection
    • Vegetable Freshener
    • Antifungal
    • Antimold
    • Scented Masterbatches
    • Fillers
    • Metal Detectables

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