Techmer PM Bulk Continuous Filament and Continuous Filament Solutions

Techmer creates custom solutions for Bulk and Continuous Filament (BCF) customers to meet any and all brand and business objectives. Our materials designers can work closely with your team to identify the exact properties that are important for your application and produce a custom polymer blend that meets those requirements and produces consistency in spinning and conversion.

Advanced Materials for Any BCF and CF Application

BCF and CF needs run the gamut from high-denier and high-durability industrial and outdoor applications to fine-denier, extra-soft yarns for luxury consumer products. Our specialized additives ensure that regardless of the weight and application, the final BCF and CF product maintains consistency for greater production efficiency and results in a product that lasts.

These additives ensure the final filament maintains high tensile strength throughout the length of the filament and a more consistent color and feel that won’t change or degrade through regular use. They can also be engineered to create softer and lighter materials without sacrificing durability for applications where comfort and weight savings are critical requirements.

Solving Your Toughest BCF and CF Challenges

Replacing installed BCF/CF products can be prohibitively expensive, often costing six times the initial install costs. That means it’s critical to get the material composition right the first time and ensure that the spinning and conversion process goes smoothly. Techmer PM’s expertise in designing materials for fiber applications is the key to a finished product that lasts and will have the durability, consistency, lightness, and comfort your product needs.

Solutions for BCF and CF

Our materials designers and engineers are experts at bringing innovative BCF and CF solutions to customers that specialize in:

  • Marine carpets
  • Artificial grass
  • Shade cloths
  • Automotive matting
  • Heavy monofilament
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Upholstery
  • Apparel

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs