Branded Products

Techmer PM Branded Products

Techmer PM’s innovative approach to materials design is based on more than 40 years of technological and market expertise. Our branded products reflect our commitment to giving customers next-generation solutions to their toughest product design challenges. Our proprietary additives enhance design, function, consistency, and value for our customers and your customers.


Our proprietary dispersion technology maximizes the value of pigments through stronger color dispersion, requiring less colorant to deliver a higher-value to thin section applications such as flexible packaging, nonwoven fabrics, synthetic fibers, and rigid packaging.


Techsplatter color additives give products a unique design edge through marble, swirl, or wood-like patterns, offering greater aesthetic diversity for prominent consumer appeal.


Techflow is an advanced process enabler that ​​protects the integrity and improves the aesthetics of products made in the blow molding process. Customers enjoy the benefits of Techflow when battling equipment issues, inferior resins, and other external factors to help preserve efficiency and quality during production.


Our Techsurf® melt blendable additives impart hydrophilicity to polyolefin fibers, nonwoven fabrics, and specialty plastic applications. Manufacturers of diapers, wipes, medical tubing and similar products can use these melt additives to help reduce surface resistance of finished fabric, increase absorption capacity, and improve softness.

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