Custom Colors

Finding Each Brand’s Color Fit

Product presentation is essential in conveying brand value and winning over consumers. Our collaborative approach to the color design process involves using precision color-matching technology, durable specialty pigments, and a roster of proprietary special effect technology to develop the perfect visual aesthetic every time. The result is products with strong shelf appeal that stand out from the competition and reinforce brand identity.

The Right Colors for the Right Environment

Your product’s colors need to do more than look great. They need to maintain brand image and encourage customer loyalty. To do that, materials need colors that preserve their look and hold up well in their environments. Our protective colorant solutions improve the durability of your product’s colors against polymer degradation and wear-and-tear from external forces.

Advanced Processes for Colorants

With over 40 years of experience with pigment and dye formulation, we have the expertise to find the right colorant system that corresponds to the right polymer. Through our design process, we pinpoint exact chemistries to ensure matching precision, color durability, and color fastness — protecting materials from fades and runs. 

Our colorant formulas are designed for repeatability and product consistency at all stages of the production process. With our proprietary dispersion technology, Techsperse, we achieve strong colors with lower pigment concentrations, driving greater production value.

Close client collaboration leads to custom colors that help your products stand out from the competition, stand up in tough environments, and stay true to brand values.

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