Electrical & Electronics

Techmer PM Electrical & Electronics Solutions

We are a first-choice materials design partner for electrical and electronics companies with the ability, tools, and know-how to create durable and sustainable technological solutions. With a specialty in flame-retardant compliance, we work with brands to build custom materials designs and market-ready products.

Our engineers and materials designers are aware of the ever-changing regulations in the electrical housing space and work with our customers to design materials that meet their requirements for flame retardancy, regulatory compliance, and other property needs. Our UL Yellow Card products include various resin types and flame retardant chemistries, including halogen and non-halogen solutions.

Through a detailed understanding of the requirements of electronics manufacturing, we partner with our customers to build effective and safe products using well-honed production techniques. We believe in innovating at every phase of design, resulting in choice products and proprietary materials that speak to our commitment to quality and give our customers a leg up in this competitive field.

Our solutions for electrical and electronics are essential to numerous products, including these:

  • Connectors
  • Structural housings
  • Coil insulation
  • Cooling plates
  • LED lighting components
  • EMI/RFI shielding components

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