Electronic Packaging

Techmer PM Electronic Packaging Solutions

As a leading polymeric materials designer for electronic packaging, we closely collaborate with customers to create unique formulations of functional additives and vibrant colors. These specialized materials are created with a careful focus on timely and cost-effective supply chain management, giving brands the ability to deliver on both aesthetics and performance.

Compounded by our experienced team of engineers and materials designers, our solutions give customers the tools they need in the ever-changing electronic packaging marketplace. With our pink antistat masterbatch, for example, we can tailor outputs that lower addition rates, decrease inventory, and ensure product functionality.

Our philosophy is that design should move at the speed of innovation — an essential mindset in the swiftly advancing field of electronics and packaging. Through close partnerships with our customer brands, we continually seek the most high-tech, groundbreaking blends to address the unique purpose and features of each product they want to create.

Our expertise in the following processes makes us an ideal partner for brands that need plastics for electronics packaging:

  • Bubble cushioning and pouches
  • Foam sheets and pouches
  • Protective mailers
  • Flexible packaging films

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