Extrusion Coating

Materials Design for Extrusion Coating

Our advanced materials for the extrusion coating process provide added functionality and value to countless products. From consumer industries like food and beverage to building and construction industries, our engineered solutions help your products work harder.

Advanced Materials for Any Plastics Extrusion Coating Application

Techmer PM’s extrusion coating materials enhance your products with properties and functions that would be impossible without them. Along with specialized process aids that facilitate manufacturing, additives like UV absorbers and inhibitors, flame retardants, and antimicrobials keep your products safe from environmental damage or contamination. Having consistent die gaps and uniform coating reduces design defects, and our high-performance additives help prevent die buildup, polymer degradation, or lamination structure damage. The result is a better product designed to meet your exact needs for function and cost.

Solving Your Toughest Extrusion Coating Challenges

Our materials design engineers create custom solutions to solve the unique challenges facing our customers. Each extrusion coating material is formulated to do a specific job at a specific level and to a specific cost based on customer specifications. We can also work with manufacturers and processors to create a specification that’s right for their extrusion coating needs and help them identify the properties and functions that matter most for their application, achieving results and efficiencies not possible with off-the-shelf alternatives.

Solutions for Extrusion Coating

Our next-generation additives have a wide range of uses in the extrusion coating space, helping brands develop quality products at exceptional value. Our functional solutions include:

  • Custom colorants
  • Ultraviolet absorbers and inhibitors (UVA/UVI)
  • Flame retardants
  • Antimicrobials and antifungals
  • Process aids

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs