Floor Coverings

Techmer PM Floor Coverings Solutions

Floor coverings are expected to be versatile yet enduring products — withstanding harsh environments while maintaining their core design features. At Techmer PM, we design and develop high-performance materials for floor coverings across major applications — commercial, residential, and automotive — to help our customers deliver that quality and performance without sacrificing comfort.

Our designing expertise spans from materials that hold up to heavy duty commercial use to those that maintain peak softness and fullness for residential applications. These custom materials designs take advantage of our unique performance additives, colorants, and specialty materials to meet your exact functional needs.

Materials That Solve Your Toughest Floor Covering Challenges


Floor covering in high-traffic areas needs to stand up to rigorous use. Our materials are designed to enhance longevity and prevent excessive wear and tear in commercial and consumer applications. This means ensuring our pigments look new for longer and materials last for years, saving money on ongoing maintenance and avoiding pricey and time-intensive replacements.


Working in tandem with brand design teams, we maintain consistency and stability in color, design, and aesthetic. Through our advanced material design, we help protect the visual integrity of your floor coverings, while providing high-value colorants like our MAX CHROMA collection to capture eye-catching effects.


Our materials offer the right balance of durability and comfort for any application — maximizing “hand.” The result is thicker, softer, more luxurious floor coverings that consumers love, without sacrificing longevity.

Custom Solutions for All Types of Floor Covering Applications

Our high-performance floor covering material can be found in homes and commercial spaces around the world, serving a wide variety of clients and applications, including:

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs