Personal Care

Techmer PM Personal Care Products and Packaging Solutions

Great personal care products can make a consumer for life. Distinct packaging, consistency in color and branding, excellent performance, and a powerful sustainability story all play key roles in consumer preference. Materials that signal quality, luxury, sustainability, or whatever your brand promise may be, don’t come about by accident. Techmer PM’s materials designers and engineers can build advanced materials to your specifications or help you create a new specification that puts your brand story front and center from the first moment consumers interact with it. 

Materials That Make Your Personal Care Products Stand Out

Presentation We create materials that make personal care packages pop. Powered by our high-tech Applications Lab in Clinton, Tennessee, Techmer PM offers a wide range of special effects additives like metallics, pearlescents, interference pigments (which change shade depending on the viewer’s angle), and a variety of haptics enhancers that bring design visions to life. Our highly accurate color-matching systems allow us to hit customers’ exact design needs and maintain their brand’s visual consistency, and our proprietary dispersion technology (Techsperse) allows for a more consistent look and finish while using a fraction of the modifiers at a fraction of the cost. Consistency Our commitment to quality assurance instills our customers with confidence by maintaining their brand integrity wherever their products are manufactured. This value is the foundation of performance consistency in personal care — with our solutions ensuring consumers’ physical safety when using products. Sustainability We help brands meet sustainability goals through the use of post-consumer recycled content and a lower reliance on new plastics. Sustainability stories are becoming integral drivers of consumer choice — Techmer PM can help you tell a more compelling sustainability story, without compromising the integrity and presentation of your materials. Compliance Our specialized materials for personal care meet regulatory and compliance guidelines, and can be engineered to comply with target regulatory environments. This targeted approach to compliance allows Techmer PM to design materials that perfectly meet your needs and pass cytotoxicity, without the added costs that come with designing to higher-than-required standards — especially for products that come in contact with skin. The safety and compliance of your personal care products is important to your customers, and it’s important to us.

Custom Materials Design for Superior Personal Care Products

As experts in materials design and engineering, we offer proprietary additives and colorants to improve products’ presentation and customer experience. Techsperse delivers more consistent polymer concentrations for more consistent results. In the field of coloring innovation, Techsplatter can add swirling and marbling effects to provide truly unique designs. For maximum comfort, Techsurf melt additives improve softness and hydrophilicity.

Tailored Solutions for Personal Care Applications

Techmer PM has directly contributed and collaborated on the next generation of personal care products through the use of innovative materials solutions as:

  • Customized colorants
  • Metallics
  • Pearlescents
  • Interference pigments
  • Techsperse
  • Techsplatter
  • Techsurf

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs