Profile Extrusion

Techmer PM Profile Extrusion Solutions

With expertise in a diverse range of industries, we provide specialized and technologically advanced solutions for profile extrusions. Whether it’s single-layer mono-extrusion for stock shapes or multi-layer coextrusion for highly technical applications, we deliver value-conscious solutions that match customers’ exact specifications.

Our custom-tailored products are designed with advanced additives for flame retardancy as well as ultraviolet light inhibition, color-fastness, static control, and antimicrobial protection. Specially designed sustainability enablers allow for down-gauging and light-weighting in products created through profile extrusion. Additionally, our careful design process and proprietary compounds like Techflow enable faster line speeds to boost efficiency.

Through our long-standing partnerships with brands, we’ve established a reputation for future-minded materials that withstand their environments. Both thoughtful and effective in our approach, we design and develop essential products for a wide scale of profile extrusion projects.

Our proprietary polymer solutions can be found in:

  • Construction materials and pipes
  • Building products
  • Medical tubing
  • Drainage channels
  • Fence boards and decking
  • Stock shapes

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