Safety & Personal Protection

Techmer PM Safety & Personal Protection Solutions

With our state-of-the-art materials design for personal protection and safety, we help develop the tools essential for high-risk situations. As we value safety above all else, we work to ensure material protection in all environments. Our expertise in the critical components that protect against high heat and flammability makes us an ideal partner for brands that want to create effective, heavy-duty protection wear.

Our solutions also help customers address the ever-present challenge of reducing the weight of personal protection equipment and further refining these essential products. We stay updated on constantly evolving fire and personal protection regulations, ensuring our customers lead their industries in overall product performance and commitment to safety.

To enhance design creativity in producing new polymer materials, we partner with brands to develop the most effective, life-saving solutions for frontline workers of every stripe. Along with our forward-thinking philosophy, these partnerships keep us at the forefront of the personal protection materials industry.

We create technologically advanced polymeric materials for personal protection and safety needs, such as:

  • Firefighter personal monitoring and safety components
  • Backpack frames
  • Safety eyewear
  • Head protection
  • Safety fabrics

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