Our Sustainability, Recycling, and Energy Efficiency Programs

Sustainability is increasingly guiding some of the products we produce. We create additives and colorants that meet or exceed environmental and trade group regulations. We also partner with our customers to tailor sustainable solutions to meet their needs. Learn more about our sustainability efforts by reading below as viewing our 2016 Sustainability Program Update.

Download the Techmer PM 2022 Sustainability Report 

Download the Techmer PM 2023 Sustainability Report

Environmental Waste Reduction Efforts

We recognize the impact that our waste streams can have on the environment in the areas surrounding our facilities. As such, we are committed to recycling the following: electronics, ink cartridges, cardboard, pallets, mixed paper, scrap metal, plastic scrap, dust collection material, aluminum cans, glass, plastic liners, package peanuts, plastic bottles, batteries and light bulbs. All Techmer PM Facilities are Operation Clean Sweep Certified. The goal is ZERO pellet loss through good housekeeping practices and pellet containment. It also helps avoid storm water regulation violations, which can lead to heavy fines, as well as prevent spilled pellets into our oceans that are a threat to marine life. We also are taking several steps to make sustainable practices an integral part of our corporate culture. A big focus is our effort to reduce our waste to landfill, which helps to significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Within our Techmer PM facilities, we are reducing the number of disposable items that we use, such as Styrofoam cups, plastic utensils, and paper products. Meanwhile, our California facility has moved away from propane fork trucks to electric trucks having a smaller impact on the environment. By working as a team, we’ve been beating our annual waste reduction goals. We’re able to distribute some of the money saved back to our employees in recognition of their work.

View Techmer PM’s Operation Clean Sweep certificate

View Techmer PM’s Operation Clean Sweep certificate for Mexico

Energy Efficiency

Our Rancho Dominguez, California facility has made great strides toward energy efficiency by employing a modified work schedule to cut back on power use, installing energy efficient fluorescent and electronic ballast lighting, adding skylights, and placing occupancy sensors in locations that do not need constant lighting.

Sustainable Solutions

Within the plastics industry, we proactively address issues facing our customers through the introduction of additives that help them comply with new federal and state food packaging regulations, including California’s Proposition 65. In the fiber market, Techmer PM is working with its customers to close the circle when it comes to plastic use. We develop products that use customer reclaim material, as well as other products that can be used to hide variations that result from the use of recycled material. In addition, Techmer PM provides an eco-rating in its fiber product brochure. This information gives our customers the ability to choose products that are best equipped to meet their needs, including those that use raw materials, are recyclable, and non-hazardous.