Techmer PM and Prototyp3 Collaborate on “Ribbon of Hope” Sculpture for American Cancer Society

October 27, 2023

The 6.5 ft tall 3D printed sculpture features a custom lavender color, symbolizing unity in the fight against all cancers.

CLINTON, TENN., October 27, 2023 –– In a heartwarming initiative to support the fight against cancer, Techmer PM, a leading polymer materials design company, and PROTOTYP3, a renowned concept engineering lab, joined forces to design a monumental “Ribbon of Hope” sculpture for the American Cancer Society.

Known for their rapid design, engineering, and manufacturing abilities, Techmer PM and PROTOTYP3 rose to the challenge with an exceptional creation from render to reality in just one month. Both teams conceptualized, designed, formulated, and 3D printed a 6.5 ft tall PETG-GF sculpture in a custom lavender color that symbolizes unity in the fight against all cancers.

Pantone Lavender is recognized as the “All Cancers” color. Techmer PM and PROTOTYP3 understood the importance of color precision and its significant challenge. The team’s expertise paid off, achieving the desired color formulation within two weeks, and the final product was manufactured in two more weeks, demonstrating both companies’ commitment to excellence and efficiency.

Jenna Hunt, Techmer PM’s Business Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing, said, “Creating a custom-colored glass-filled PETG compound poses many challenges. But Techmer PM’s rich history in material science and compounding expertise produced an exceptional representation of the color without compromise. We are honored to have such a strong partnership with PROTOTYP3, whose expertise in design and LFAM is taking the industry to new heights.”

The Ribbon of Hope sculpture was unveiled at one of the largest cancer fundraisers of the year in Knoxville, the Hope Gala. It was adorned with photos of 28 individuals who lost their lives to cancer, an important reminder of the ongoing fight. The sculpture’s base was crafted from 100% recycled Carbon-filled – ABS, offering sustainability and strength. The base was intentionally designed to be filled with elegant long-stemmed flowers, creating the illusion of the ribbon gracefully lifting off the ground. The entirety of the sculpture was accomplished using just 200 lbs. of material, minimizing waste and remaining true to a shared passion for sustainability.

MJ Mayo, Co-Founder of PROTOTYP3, commented, “Techmer was our first call when we decided on the final direction of the sculpture’s color and size. Excelling in low volume custom color solutions for 3D printing and their technology innovation center located in Clinton, so close to Knoxville, the partnership was the perfect solution for this project’s requirements”.

The collaboration between Techmer and PROTOTYP3 stands as a beacon of hope, unity, and innovation in the ongoing battle against cancer. The “Ribbon of Hope” sculpture is a tangible reminder of the progress that can be made when creativity and precision join forces.

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