Techmer PM Introduces CupronColor Antimicrobial Technology with Broader Color Range

June 29, 2023

CupronColor comes with antimicrobial properties and color flexibility.

CLINTON, TENN., June. 29, 2023 –– Techmer PM, a Clinton-based compounder and materials design specialist, is proud to announce its latest innovation – CupronColor. This cutting-edge solution is the result of Techmer PM’s successful collaboration with Cupron®, combining Cupron’s copper technology with Techmer PM’s dispersion capabilities to create high-quality materials.

CupronColor now offers customers a broad portfolio of vibrant colors. This exciting development allows customers to leverage revolutionary color and odor-protecting antimicrobial technology while enjoying enhanced flexibility in product styling.

“We were originally only able to produce Cupron® masterbatches with specific colors due to the inherent reddish hue of copper,” says David Turner, Techmer PM’s vice president of design and business development. “No longer having this limitation allows customers to deliver comprehensive color offerings for all their key markets and product applications.”

Colors available with CupronColor can be utilized in various fiber applications such as carpets, rugs, textiles, apparel, and upholstery. “We have completed exposure and wash testing with the new colors to ensure product durability. Additionally, we have the necessary resources to sample colors with interested customers,” said Kaan Serpersu, product development and sustainability manager of Techmer PM.

In addition to offering a wide array of colors for antimicrobial products, Techmer PM can help customers ensure they meet the EPA requirements for being a non-public health claim or assist customers if they want to register with the EPA for a public health claim. Public health claims can only be made with EPA registration. All claims provided are for protecting the plastic parts themselves and are not to be construed as public health claims.

Techmer PM is Cupron’s primary technology partner, manufacturer, and sales and marketing representative for various market applications. Techmer PM invites interested individuals to learn more about CupronColor by contacting

Download the CupronColor one pager here.

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