Techmer PM’s HiTerra™ rPET Revive Enhances Recycled PET Quality

February 13, 2023

Techmer PM’s new concentrate boosts intrinsic viscosity and reduces rPET yellowness.

CLINTON, TENN., Feb. 13, 2023 –– Clinton-based compounder and materials design specialist Techmer PM has developed a solution to the short supply of recycled PET (rPET). Called HiTerra™ rPET Revive, this new concentrate rebuilds the resin’s polymer chains, thereby increasing its viscosity and reducing rPET’s resulting yellowness.

Brand owners are committed to increasing their use of recycled plastics to meet their publicly declared environmental goals, but they are facing more than just technical challenges. These challenges include the short supply and additional cost of high-quality recycled PET.

The situation is exacerbated because PET thermally degrades when it is repeatedly reprocessed, as these multiple heat histories lead to yellowing and viscosity breakdown, limiting the use of such materials. HiTerra rPET Revive aims to ease the crunch at the molecular level.

“rPET Revive can allow for a higher regrind/recycle rate and improve productivity,” according to Steve Smith, Techmer PM’s Market Manager for Rigid Packaging. “We selected the active ingredient to be compatible with PET resins used in fiber and molding applications. Converters can use it in the production of thermoformed sheets, and the product is showing good potential for use in bottles, as well.”

Describing it as new technology, Smith says that “rPET Revive can reduce the yellowness of the rPET to virgin‐level or, in some cases, even less yellow than virgin PET.” He also notes that the additive contains no pigments or dyes and is suitable for food‐contact applications.

While Smith acknowledges that the processing of resin with chain‐extending additives can require care, he says, “We see good results at both lab scale and at commercial scale, and market interest is extremely high.”

Download the HiTerra rPET Revive overview here.

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