Techmer PM’s MaxChroma® Expands Color Space in Fiber Applications

March 21, 2023

MaxChroma® means more color options and greater color flexibility.

CLINTON, TENN., Mar. 21, 2023 –– Techmer PM’s MaxChroma® is a proprietary colorant system that expands the color space beyond what traditional colorants can achieve in fiber applications.

Traditionally, the color palette for polyamide fibers is limited due to the reactive nature of nylon. In addition, topically dyed applications have also been known to have sustainability concerns with water usage and product durability.

MaxChroma is an alternative solution to these applications. The technology provides customers with an expanded color palette without sacrificing the quality of their products. “The Techmer PM team understands the manufacturing process, performance requirements, and challenges of the synthetic fiber market when it comes to colors and additives. This is why we’ve dedicated the time and effort into finding and qualifying new color space for fiber applications for our customers,” says Kimberly Williamson, color innovation and technology manager for Techmer PM.

“This groundbreaking technology will open up a whole new world of color space that will allow fabric designers and brand owners to provide their customers with vibrant and vivid color palettes previously unattainable with this level of performance,” says Steve Loney, Techmer PM’s director of marketing.

“MaxChroma has come a long way since it was developed in 2022. It is now a registered trademark name, and we’ve expanded our focus from finer denier nylon apparel to other resins and applications. The available color space with MaxChroma also includes difficult colors like brilliant oranges and purples.”

“We’re also testing for weatherability, launderability, heat stability, and more to ensure their products remain in the best condition with the new colors,” added Williamson during the Fibertech Innovation + Technology Conference in Chattanooga, Tenn., on March 8

Williamson added that customers could look forward to more technology solutions that will be used for future color space exploration.

Techmer PM is a Clinton-based compounder and materials design specialist. Those interested in MaxChroma can get in touch by emailing

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