TechmerVision is a unique web-based design tool, developed by Techmer PM, to enable designers and engineers within all parts of the supply chain to communicate, collaborate, and innovate with the creation and application of new colors.

TechmerVision enables designers to work through 6 phases; Inspire, Interpret, Organize, Adjust, Formulate, and Apply—the result is a well organized, close-looped form of color communication.

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TechmerVision Color Explorations

Techmer PM has partnered with Color Marketing Group® to bring designers the TechmerVision Color Exploration program. Exploring Color Marketing Group’s Color Alert® monthly forecasted colors, by using the TechmerVision digital color tool designers are able to explore color nuances and interactions of colors accurately and quickly during their product development process.

What is a Color Exploration?
Looking beyond a forecasted color and into the nuances of that color’s value and chroma, TechmerVision accurately and easily assists color exploration. What used to take a designer’s trained eye and a bit of luck, TechmerVision easily explores color nuances for stunning product color palettes.

Click the image below to see an example of the Color Exploration for CMG’s 2019 key color “Bruised Steel”

Bruised Steel Color Exploration (1)

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