Techmer PM Agriculture Solutions

We are a leading expert in materials design for agricultural plastics, helping to create products that maintain performance throughout their lifecycle under harsh climate conditions. Through our deep understanding of these products’ environments, we create essential solutions for specialty materials like stabilized film and fabric, all of which endure against ultraviolet light, weather, and chemical treatments.

Our insight into the niche corners of the agricultural sector gives us a core advantage in customizing the materials that help you achieve your goals. For instance, our work in the drip irrigation market informs our use of the precise color, additive, and combination products for dealing with the complex issues of wastewater, industrial, and home-garden tubing.

Our engineers and materials designers approach each challenge with a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements for farming and cultivation. This familiarity is enhanced by a forward-thinking focus on sustainability, which we maintain through close communication and strategic planning with our customers.

The results are plastics and materials that set industry standards in:

  • Large films for silage, bunker covers, greenhouses, and tunnels
  • Ultra-thin-gauge applications such as mulch film 
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Chemical containers for agriculture
  • Agricultural transport bins

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