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Techmer PM Automotive & Transportation Solutions

In our dedicated automotive research and development center, we demonstrate and build our expertise in both plastics and textile applications for the automotive and transportation industry. At our center, engineers create prototypes and concept samples across the automotive supply chain. This resource reflects our commitment to guide our customers along the entire materials production process and fulfill their goals of superior safety, appearance, and durability for electric cars, tractors, semi trucks, and mobility vehicles.

Our engineers expertly design materials that uphold performance and durability in automotive plastics, with specialties in automotive interior trim and the formulation of ultra-high-performance pigment and stabilization systems. We also incorporate multiple polymer systems in our products — all of which meet or exceed accelerated thermal and solar test requirements. The results are exceptional aesthetic outcomes for top-of-the-line automotive performance and design, whether it’s for sports recreation vehicles or railway transportation.

As a leading materials designer for automotive applications, we supply both domestic and overseas automakers. We work with both tiers and OEMs, leveraging access to appearance engineering organizations and our well-established reputation within the automotive supply chain. Our comprehensive experience across the automotive and transportation industry makes us the ideal partner to bring your designs to market and provide competitive expertise in creating high-quality products. Our automotive product systems are available worldwide through the Techmer PM Global Alliance.

Our experience includes the development of such products as:

  • Interior parts, such as dashboards and bezels
  • Safety components
  • Trunk lining and upholstery fabric
  • Under the hood structural components

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