Food & Beverage Packaging

Techmer PM Food & Beverage Packaging Solutions

Our advanced materials for the food packaging industry protect your food and beverage products across their consumption lifecycle and adhere to most stringent regulatory compliance standards. We design our materials to the highest quality standards of sustainability, safety, and health for both rigid and flexible food packaging and work closely with processors and specifiers to produce customized materials for packaging that meets each unique design and product need.

Materials That Solve Your Toughest Food & Beverage Packaging Challenges


  • Our specialized materials for food & beverage packaging meet or exceed relevant FDA guidelines, ensuring the safety and compliance of your food and beverages — without compromising on quality.


  • Our additive technologies for both rigid and flexible packaging are designed to protect your food and beverage products above all else — preserving through transit, maintaining shelf-life, and preventing overall degradation. Techmer PM’s custom tailored solutions work with specialized polymers to create powerful and effective film layers (metalized, transparent, and more) that keep oxygen, light, and moisture out to prevent spoilage and contamination.


  • Whether it is our custom additives designed with anti-fog properties for high transparency or vibrant colors for rigid plastics — our materials deliver eye-catching aesthetics that improve your products’ shelf appeal and help them stand out.


  • We craft all of our materials with sustainability in mind, using fully recyclable materials or post-consumer recycled content when requested, while maintaining preservation and compliance standards. Our innovations help reduce your carbon footprint and uphold your sustainability mission.

Custom Designs for High-performance Food & Beverage Packaging

Our goal is to bridge the gap between design vision and manufacturing capabilities to help brands create products that keep their food fresh, their customers engaged, and their market share growing. Our proprietary dispersion technology, Techsperse®, delivers more consistent polymer concentrations for more consistent results — adding value at every phase of development.

Solutions for Numerous Food & Beverage Packaging Applications

Across the expansive food and beverage packaging industry, Techmer PM acts as a direct collaborator with brands in creating the next generation of packaging materials. Some of our materials solutions include:

  • Advanced colorants and additives for flexible and rigid packaging
  • High-clarity slips and antiblocks for sealant films
  • Processing aids and barrier additives for complex film structures
  • Additives that promote content evacuation to maximize product value and minimize food waste
  • Appearance-enhancing materials like anti-fog additives to maintain clarity/freshness 
  • Sustainability-enabling materials, like NIR sortable black colorants that are recognized by sorting scanners in recycling facilities

Learn How Techmer PM Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs